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Schoolhouse Bingo helps you easily create educational bingo games (See all)

The SchoolHouse Bingo, developed by people from SchoolHouse Technologies, is a quality product just like any other product of the same developer. It keeps simplicity and effectiveness as the main priorities, maintaining the same interface dynamics and look than other products, so if you are a user of any other product of SchoolHouse Technologies you’ll be familiarized with this one right away.
As the name indicates, SchoolHouse Bingo is designed to help people creating bingo cards, but not only regular or traditional bingo cards, but learning oriented bingos, so actually is intended to be used by teachers. The concept on which the application is based is that learning can be fun and, if it is, it’s more effective as well. The application creates bingo games including important lessons for students; they’ll be learning as they play a fun game.
Creating learning exercises can be a hard and routinely task for teachers, highly time consuming and even boring, but also inevitable. So what could be better than a tool capable of helping teachers do this task faster and more efficiently? Since SchoolHouse Bingo uses a very intuitive and simple interface, it won’t matter the previous teachers’ computer skills or experience. They’ll be creating bingo games for studying within a few hours without a problem.
The interface is a multiple-tab window; the first is the Start Page tab which is always on, the other tabs correspond with the bingos you are creating, one tab per bingo game. In the Start Page you will find some SchoolHouse Technologies online, such as the website link, community forums, and the online help desk. In addition you’ll find a picture showing the general structure of the application, which can help you get started. Once you start creating a new bingo, its corresponding tab is created with a name according to the bingo type you’ve selected, for instance “Traditional Bingo #”. The # character indicates the amount of Bingos of the same kind being created simultaneously.
SchoolHouse Bingo provides an extensive help information file where you can find answers to almost any question you might have. If it’s not enough, you can visit the online forums and the Help Desk online.

Lionel Mira
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  • There's a full functional trial version available
  • It's very easy-to-use
  • It allows creating a wide variaty of bingo types


  • In the trial version, all print outs include banners. It's not possible to change the test printing styles
  • The bingo style is pretty flat
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